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“My Favourite weather is Bird-Chirping Weather”

Fairy Garden Wood Cherry tree

It may have been raining for over a week now, but I have to say I still love this time of the year, despite the changeable weather everything is still stirring and a vibrant emergence is occurring all around us. However it’s the smallest changes that I seem to be noticing this week, it’s the catkins hanging off the branches, the buds appearing on the Horse Chestnut trees and the emergence of the very early Cherry Blossom that has me mesmerised this week and being National Tree Week (5th to 12th) it’s very fitting. The changes in our trees and shrubs are happening daily, I suspect it has something to do with the fairies sprinkling their fairy dust over them, to encourage them to wake up, the fairies know that the trees are vital for our Fairy garden and for biodiversity in general.Fairy Vviburnum garden Trees offer a shelter and food to birds, animals and insects and are in fact the lungs of the earth, with that said our little fairy friends are asking everyone to try and plant a tree this week, the choices are endless, and planting even one tree will encourage more fairies and wildlife into your garden and offer you something to watch change through the seasons.


Gilly & Goldie Goldfinch have been helping us with our tree selections here at Celtic Fairy Doors and I have to say I’m very impressed with their suggestions. Gilly Goldfinch wants us to plant Rowan and Holly to help the winter thrushes as he says they were struggling last year and Goldie Goldfinch is a little like me in that she loves pretty and colourful things and is encouraging us to add to our wildlife hedge that we started a couple of years ago. She wants us to add more Dogwoods and Viburnums to provide a varied food source for the family she is planning to have this year. I was surprised to learn that Gold Finches actually love Milk Thistle seeds, as well as Aster and Rudbeckias, so this year I will be sure to let some of my plants go to seed and leave patches of weeds for the birds to feed on. Gilly and Goldie assure me that even doing those simple things will encourage so much more wildlife into our gardens, and took great pleasure in telling me that just one Hawthorn can host up to 356 different species! So why not try one or two of these suggestions and watch how your garden soon begins buzzing with life.fairy daffodil garden


“My favourite Weather is Bird- Chirping Weather” – Terri Guillernets , it makes me happy to hear them sing and watching them on the feeder outside the kitchen window is my addiction causing me to lose big chunks of time without realising it. I am especially fond of Ronnie Robin, Cora the Collared Dove and Waggy the energetic Wag Tail, and as well as it being a great time to be out planting trees, it is also the perfect time to be putting up nesting boxes, as from February on our feathered friends are out and about looking for places to make their home. Here is a link to an information sheet from Bird Watch Ireland it tells you all you need to know about putting up and looking after your bird boxes. Our fairy friends assure me that the more wildlife there is in a garden the more fairies love to live there, that is perhaps why being out in the garden makes me feel energised and happy, I love this quote by Maya Angelou, “ A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song” and that’s exactly what being in the garden with our wildlife and fairy friends makes me feel.

Fairy Crocus Snowdrop Garden Daffodil


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