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Blossom Blossom Everywhere……

Well it’s been a very busy few weeks here at Celtic Fairy headquarters and it’s safe to say we all have a spring in our step, with the extra hour of daylight in the evenings and the daily reawakening is a very exciting time. Gilly and Goldie Goldfinch are still making morning coffee a joy to be hold, they just love to throw all of the seed out of the feeder onto the ground looking for the one particular sort they prefer, much to the joy of Cora and Colin the collared Doves while Maggie and Mortie magpie are busy tidying there nest to make it a lovely new home for their babies, and Ronnie Robin and Waggy Wag Tail are happy to keep teasing the dogs.

However the thing that has most of my attention at the moment is The Cherry Blossom, it is simply one of my favourite things and reminds me of my childhood, and it is a certainty that if you have Cherry Blossom in your garden then you will definitely have fairies, as I’m sure it is the fairies that create this wonderful delicate short lived thing of beauty. The apple trees and hawthorn are only slightly behind, the fairies have certainly been hard at work as I’m convinced another couple of fine days will have them dripping in their full white splendour.


The most important thing that has been taking place over the last couple of weeks is the annual Seed planting marathon, finally the wish lists and seed orders become actual things and not just imaginary gardens in my head. Our fairies just love it when this job begins and are always on hand to help and supervise, this year we have planted a variety of tomatos, chillies and peppers  for the greenhouse and a whole host of flowers, herbs and seeds that will be brought on in the greenhouse and then planted out after the frosts have passed. The fairies helped with the seed planting and it’s magical when I go to check them each day and you can see that the fairies have been spreading their magic fairy dust as the seedlings begin to appear. Just a week or so after planting the tomato seedlings are doing really well and are growing daily. If you haven’t yet planted your seeds and are not sure what to plant now then check out this great link for inspiration and advice,
  If seeds are really not your thing then there are some wonderful plants available to buy now that the fairies will happily help thrive in your garden, check out the plant centre at Woodville Walled Garden, Kilchrest for expert advice, choice and quality, there is also a fantastic selection available at Chapel Lane Market in Ennis from Gardening for the girlz.

Eli earthworm has been happily telling me for years that he is the most important creature in our garden, I however thought he was just a slimy egotistical twit, however this week I had to admit defeat on reading this hugely interesting article on why earthworms are more important than pandas. but the article that really captured me most this week and the one that I know the fairies would love people to read and apply if even to only a small part of their garden is this Here at Celtic Fairy Headquarters we leave sections of the garden to grow wild and add wildlife friendly wild flower seeds every year, which in turn have self-seeded and this area now looks like a wild flower meadow in the height of summer, which is thriving with fairies, Bertie Bumble bee and Harriet Honeybee both spend lots of time in this part of the garden as does Bella butterfly.

So whatever you want to get on with this month in your garden be sure to get out and enjoy the way it’s changing on a daily basis, look out for the birds building their nests, the bees and butterflies appearing, the blossom and leaves appearing, look hard and if you believe and you are lucky you may even see the fairies at work.

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